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Return of Andrew and Dave!? (TEASER!?) by SUSTIC Return of Andrew and Dave!? (TEASER!?) :iconsustic:SUSTIC 0 0
Vent Story
They're all gone now…
I've watched them all pass by now at least a dozen times…
Yet the feeling is still the same…
The feeling of utter despair… and complete loneliness fills my thoughts.  
I… I really miss the old days… the days where we would just hang out, and just relax…
I remember the laughs we shared, and the times we spent together.
Now I just watch as you all walk away…fading into the darkness…
Just like everyone else…
It's happened many times before. Watching everyone I grow close too just… get up and leave… fading into the darkness that is reality…
I'll be stuck here… forever…
No one will even realize I existed… it's like I won't have even left a mark on anything…
I'm just like a droplet hitting a small puddle…
Except I won't cause any ripples… I won't even have affected anything at all…
Though there is still hope for me…
If I
:iconsustic:SUSTIC 0 3
Mystery of the Forest: PG7 by SUSTIC Mystery of the Forest: PG7 :iconsustic:SUSTIC 0 0 Mystery of the Forest: PG 5 by SUSTIC Mystery of the Forest: PG 5 :iconsustic:SUSTIC 0 1 The Mystery of the Forest: Pg 3! by SUSTIC The Mystery of the Forest: Pg 3! :iconsustic:SUSTIC 0 1 The mystery of the forest!: (Page 1) by SUSTIC The mystery of the forest!: (Page 1) :iconsustic:SUSTIC 0 13
Infinity: The Story of Hajime: Chapter 1 A New Day
    The sounds of alarms echoed throughout the base as a young girl with short, purple hair can be seen running, trying her hardest to avoid the security.
Purple Haired Girl: "Almost… there…"
She muttered in between breathes as she finally sees the exit.
Purple Haired Girl: "Finally the exit!"
       She cheered as she ran through the large gate. As soon as she passes through the gate spotlights turn on, and shine right over her as she is surrounded by helicopters, and soldiers.  Before she could even move an inch the sound of a gunshot can be heard… everything had gone black for her as she felt a sharp pain course through the back of her head.
Commander ???:  "Get her back to the labs now. We need her to track down Project: Infinity."
Said the Commander as a few soldiers quickly run to the girl's body, and proceed to lift her onto a stretcher.  The Commander turns around and orders the rest of his men to fa
:iconsustic:SUSTIC 0 0
Character Bios: Dave?
Name:  Unknown, but prefers to go by the name of David or "Dave" for short.
Age:   Somewhere between 21, and 29
Race:  Unknown.
Height: 6ft 1
Weight:  175 lb
Physical Appearance:
       Dave has short messy light brown hair. He wears a white T-Shirt under a black sleeveless vest which he keeps unbuttoned. He also wears black pants complete with white belt. His shoes are brown dress shoes with black laces. His left eye is blue, and his left eye is green.  Oddly he never takes off his hat, even when he is asleep.  He can always be seen carrying around a black laptop which he calls Andrew after one of his old colleagues. He even managed to program a highly advanced A.I. into his laptop.
Bio:    Not much is known about Dave's childhood and career before he joined the government. Heck his original name wasn't even Dave. Dave was one of the original scientists that worked on Project: Infinity.  Though he began having his doubts
:iconsustic:SUSTIC 0 2
Ask Dave 3 by SUSTIC Ask Dave 3 :iconsustic:SUSTIC 0 1 Ask Dave 2 by SUSTIC Ask Dave 2 :iconsustic:SUSTIC 0 2 NWMWC (Non Canon): Cupcake Thief by SUSTIC NWMWC (Non Canon): Cupcake Thief :iconsustic:SUSTIC 0 0 Ask Dave 1 by SUSTIC Ask Dave 1 :iconsustic:SUSTIC 0 1 Ask Dave Returns! by SUSTIC Ask Dave Returns! :iconsustic:SUSTIC 0 6
Character Bios: Ryoji
Name:  Ryoji Nakamura
Age:  19
Race:  PyroKinetic Human
Height:  6ft 1
Weight:  201 lb
Physical Appearance:  Long brown hair, blue eyes, Wears glasses, a white sleeveless shirt, and brown cotton pants.  He has a relatively healthy build, when compared to Hajime though he is quite skinny.  
Bio:   Ryoji has always been a bit… odd in the head. He always liked the destruction of things, whether it be on TV, or be in real life. When he was younger he occasionally would blow random things up with firecrackers, and would set leaves on fire with matches. This had his parents worried a little, but they did not think anything of it. After all Ryoji was just a kid and wanted to have fun right? Well when he reached the age of 13 he got into trouble for burning his mother's wedding dress which she had kept. Ryoji did not like his mother yelling at him. For some reason something in his mind told him that he did not have to put up with the constant
:iconsustic:SUSTIC 0 4
Specimen Bio: #242
Specimen File #242
Specimen Name: Steel Reaper
Description:  Steel Reaper is specimen number 242. Designed for use in urban environments for assassination missions. Specimen would be delivered to the target's location via helicopter. Specimen is modified human with bones enhanced to be as strong as solid steel.  Skin has turned a deathly grey in color, and the specimen's height has become an astonishing 7 feet in height. Specimen looks emaciated from lack of proper nutrients. Specimen has twelve metal plates placed over vital body parts for protection.  Specimen has a steel plate covering its mouth which is filled with razor sharp teeth. The specimen's eyes have been replaced with thermal vision goggles. Both of the subject's hands have been replaced with scythes.  Subject is to pursue designated target until its target has been destroyed.  Subject has also been modified to increase aggressiveness. A device has been planted into the subject's  brain to kee
:iconsustic:SUSTIC 0 0
Character Bio: Kaname
Name:  Kaname
Age:  20
Race:  Human
Height:  5ft 8
Weight: 165lb
Physical Appearance:  Green eyes, shoulder length chestnut colored hair.  She wears a brown jacket with a white T-Shirt underneath. She wears navy blue jeans, and dark black shoes.
Bio:    Kaname is a relatively cheerful and energetic young woman. Why wouldn’t she be? I mean she has all the right too, after all she is the daughter to one of the wealthiest families in town.  She has gotten whatever she wanted growing up, and has no regrets about it.  Her parents always wanted her to be happy. In other words Kaname is a bit of a spoiled brat.  Though no matter how much stuff she got she could not get over the empty feeling in her heart. When she became 18 her family moved to a new city, and as such Kaname wanted to explore the city, and find some places that would interest her.  She had been wandering throughout the city for a few hours, and it was getting aw
:iconsustic:SUSTIC 0 3


Commissioner Sans by AceroTiburon Commissioner Sans :iconacerotiburon:AceroTiburon 87 6 From Raindrops and Cherry Blossoms - WIP #2 by GlassTheAbsol From Raindrops and Cherry Blossoms - WIP #2 :iconglasstheabsol:GlassTheAbsol 3 5 Black Rock Shooter: Trapped by ShiroiNeko-sama Black Rock Shooter: Trapped :iconshiroineko-sama:ShiroiNeko-sama 1,727 65 Black Rock Shooter by hoCbo Black Rock Shooter :iconhocbo:hoCbo 2,940 497 Black Rock Shooter by asuka111 Black Rock Shooter :iconasuka111:asuka111 15,229 628 Katawa Shoujo Birthday Scenario Game by Angelic-Cloud Katawa Shoujo Birthday Scenario Game :iconangelic-cloud:Angelic-Cloud 11 23 Stocking by sakimichan Stocking :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 23,847 773 Blades by chibi-oneechan Blades :iconchibi-oneechan:chibi-oneechan 490 12 Silica and Pina - Commission by GlassTheAbsol Silica and Pina - Commission :iconglasstheabsol:GlassTheAbsol 4 6 Kusanagi Portrait by Zeronis Kusanagi Portrait :iconzeronis:Zeronis 7,114 172 :: Sentrick - Carnival Version :: by Sangrde :: Sentrick - Carnival Version :: :iconsangrde:Sangrde 2,880 61 The Demoman by Colorbind The Demoman :iconcolorbind:Colorbind 696 47 Grim Reaper by GENZOMAN Grim Reaper :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 7,643 233 Dark CC by einlee Dark CC :iconeinlee:einlee 8,607 197 Tifa Lockhart Original Art by Artgerm Tifa Lockhart Original Art :iconartgerm:Artgerm 14,298 395 Konpaku Youmu by ReNon1212 Konpaku Youmu :iconrenon1212:ReNon1212 2,204 98


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Geez I need to start updating this more, and stop procrastinating...

Anyways what is up everyone? It has been a while since I made an update on anything on DeviantART. Comics, Infinite (my story I am working on), other things, and well... updating this freaking Journal. That is because of several things going on lately. One Neo had actually gone through some even worse shit after her brothers passing. All I will say relationship problems that brought her to hospitalize herself. Thankfully that was a few weeks ago, and now she is fine. She is recovering quite well and I am happy because of it. As a result I had been trying to keep up with RPing on Yukkuricraft, and trying to help Neo get through all this. 

Other things that have been keeping me busy is Elsword, and games on Steam

(Warframe, Sanctum 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Team Fortress 2. If you want to add me look for susticxd, while my Steam name is PsychoCrossSustic. Maybe we can play TF2, L4d2, or something else together.) 

Anyways this is pretty much it for this Journal update. If you have any questions just leave them down in the comment section.


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